Free Projects

Hexagon Pinwheels by Debby Kratovil
Hexagon Pinwheels
Created with a Fat Rolls? bundle from the Windham Basics collection
Lafayette Star Quilt by Debby Kratovil
Lafayette Star Quilt
Created with fabrics from the Helena collection by Nancy Gere
Settler's Crossing by Susan McDermott
Settler's Crossing
Created with fabrics from the Emigrant Trail collection, 1840-1860 by Nancy Gere
Dresden Petals by Yolanda Fundora
Dresden Petals
Created with fabrics from the Feedsack V collection, c. 1930
Chocolate Baskets by Jill Reid
Chocolate Baskets
Created with fabrics from the Pink Chocolate collection, c. 1875 by Nancy Gere
Sound Waves by Jean Ann Wright
Sound Waves
Created with fabrics from the All That Jazz collection by Sheri Small
Washington's Legacy by Karen Witt
Washington's Legacy
Created with fabrics from the Old Glory IV: Election Commemorative Edition collection by Nancy Gere
Oh Oh Olivia! by Jean Ann Wright
Oh Oh Olivia!
Featuring fabric from the Olivia collection by Rosemarie Lavin
Feedsack Common by Susan McDermott
Feedsack Common
Created with fabrics from the Feedsack V collection, c. 1930
Aurora by Jean Ann Wright
Featuring fabric from the Aurora collection by Anna Griffin
Southern Stars by Karen Witt/Reproduction Quilts
Southern Stars
Featuring fabric from the Civil War VI collection, c. 1860 by Nancy Gere
Flora Fantasy by Jean Ann Wright
Flora Fantasy
Featuring fabric from the Flora collection by Anna Griffin
Red All About It by Barbara Campbell
Red All About It
Created with fabrics from the Black and White and Red All Over collection
Little Man Pocket Quilt! by Jackie Clark
Little Man Pocket Quilt!
Featuring fabric from the Little Man and Me, Too collection by Jackie Clark
Happy Squares! by Debby Kratovil
Happy Squares!
Featuring fabric from the Windham Basic Brights collection
Darcey Dots by Jean Ann Wright
Darcey Dots
Featuring fabric from the Darcey collection by Anna Griffin
Storybook Playtime by Debby Kratovil
Storybook Playtime
Featuring fabric from the Vintage Storybook VI collection
Midnight Elegance by Erin Witt
Midnight Elegance
Featuring fabric from the Elegance II collection by Rosemarie Lavin
Providence Counterpane by Karen Witt
Providence Counterpane
Featuring fabric from the The Providence Collection collection from Colonial Williamsburg
Going To America by Karin Witt
Going To America
Featuring fabric from the Explorations collection from Colonial Williamsburg