Free Projects

Legends by Wendy Sheppard
54 x 63
Pirate's Lure by Wendy Sheppard
Pirate's Lure
52 x 62
Ironhook by Wendy Sheppard
75 x 85
Ollonais by Heidi Pridemore
Winter Greetings by Heidi Pridemore
Winter Greetings
60" x 74"
Holiday Snow Globes by Hunter's Design Studio
Holiday Snow Globes
42" x 17"
Christmas Morning by Heidi Pridemore
Christmas Morning
48" x 60"
Pow Wow Wow by Whistlepig Creek Productions
Pow Wow Wow
62" x 70"
Ice Cream Social Medallion by Felice Regina of I Am Luna Sol
Ice Cream Social Medallion
66" x 66"
Cherry on Top by Ebony Love
Cherry on Top
66" x 66"
Picnic by Ebony Love
98" x 98"
Gretchen by Debby Kratovil
98" x 98"
Flower Basket by Wendy Sheppard
Flower Basket
74" x 88"
Terrace by Stacey Day
60" x 72"
To Grandmother's House by Wendy Sheppard
To Grandmother's House
81 1/2" x 90 1/2"
Thru the Woods by Christine Stainbrook
Thru the Woods
40" x 48"
Beware of the Wolf by Debby Kratovil
Beware of the Wolf
50" x 50"