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Rebecca's Lone Star

by Mary Koval
Rebecca's Lone Star by Mary Koval
48" x 48"

April 16, 2014
The following clarification has been made for the cutting of the outside squares and triangles. The pattern has been corrected but if you have an older copy, please note the following changes:

Page 3

5. Cutting half square triangles
While laying the star on a flat surface, measure from point to point on the star as shown in Diagram E (A). It finishes 19 1/4" wide. Cut a square 20 1/2" or 21" and then cut the square along both diagonals to get the (4) side triangles. You can trim any excess later once the triangle has been sewn in place.

6. Cutting the Corner Pieces
The side squares should measure 14 3/8". Cut a square 15 1/2". This will allow for discrepancies in sewing and you can trim the ends once the square has been inserted. Diagram E (B).

January 11, 2013
The size of the quilt is incorrect on the original project. It should be 60" x 60" (NOT 60" x 80")

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